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Studio Theatre Control Booth Remodel.  With the gracious assistance and brilliant redesign by Jeff Sherwood, we completely gutted the current rack and split the equipment into two racks, the one rack being nothing but amplifiers and speaker patches.  The old counters were removed and the floor taken up.  I designed a new self supporting counter to accommodate Sound, Stage Management, Video Monitoring, Lights, and Projections (Watchout).  The floor went back in with minor re-fitting and allowed for cable trough and management.  Cat-5e was run backstage and in the house for video, ETC cue lights and networking.  Not many can say they have a back up EOS, or a Yamaha CL5!  THANKS SO MUCH, JEFF!

Theatre 101 Remote Control Booth.  Because the current control booth was inconveniently accessible, I designed and installed a remote cabinet on the first floor behind the black box to accommodate small productions that may need easily attained audio, video, and stage lighting.  Thanks to Captain Kate Murphy for heavy lifting, extra brain power, and moral support.  Sound Design/Engineer Instructor

Spacial Improvements.  Other small projects over the years to improve spaces functionality and organization.  I love to organize and make things make sense!

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