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Noises Off Turntable/Barnum Rigging TPP 2013

     The 2013 season at Totem Pole Playhouse was the biggest season produced in its history.  I had the privilege of being the Associate Producer during this season, and took some load off the production staff by designing and implementing some of the challenging elements for two of the productions, Noises Off and Barnum
     I designed and built a 22’ revolve for Noises Off out of the shops at Yale School of Drama, and transported it down to Totem Pole in Pennsylvania.  The revolve consisted of 17 pie pieces with 51 casters, a central hub with a slew ring (3300 lb thrust capacity), and was driven by a grommet drive winch (3/16” cable).  The revolve was only assembled once during load-in, and went together smoothly.  I had to add the ships wheel to gain more torque at the winch, which helped turn the set without a person helping to push it.  It was then rented out to Riverside Theatre for their production of Les Miserable.  See Technical Drawings for design plates.
     I designed and built an aerial rig for a silks performer, and an independently standing tight rope rig (30 ft at 2500lbs tension) for Barnum.  The tight rope could be installed and tightened in 20-30 seconds during the performance.


 Jim Fouchard - Set Designer,  Justin Hagovsky - Technical Director


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