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About Me


    As a Technical Theatre Professional, I have been involved in the theatre industry for nearly 20 years.  I began as a child actor for a local theatre company, and gradually became more interested in the technical aspects of theatre.  Throughout the years I have trained, learned, and worked in theatre production, and am familiar with all technical aspects, including sets, props, lights, projections, and rigging.  I am a proficient in a shop as a carpenter, metal fabricator, or textile fabricator, and am dexterous on practically any tool.  I can manage crews during load-ins and strikes autonomously, or manage an entire production process.  I trained as a technical director and set designer, managed many builds of scenery and lights, and have a handful of designs accomplished.  I pride myself in coming up with elegant solutions to challenges, and working in a team environment.  Overall, I have become a consummate problem solver and manager.  I can adapt to almost any situation, and I have the skills and experience to perform in a variety of industries.



     Mastery of Carpentry (Scenery, Furniture, Stick Frame Homes, etc.), Welding (MIG, TIG, Oxy-Acetylene, Stick, Brazing, Soldering), Machining/Metal Fabrication (Scenery, Bridgeport, CNC Mill, Lathe, Iron Worker), Mechanization (Physics of Stage Machinery, Gear-Motors, Chain Stages, Moving Scenery), Automation (Hudson Systems, Creative Conors, PLC controls, Limits, E-Stops, Inverters, wiring, disconnects), Rigging (ETCP Certified - Theatrical Rigging, Aerial, Circus, Counter Weight Fly Systems, Chain Hoists, Safety), Electrical Wiring and Load Control, Lighting (ME, Hanging, Focusing, Troubleshooting), ETC Board Op, Basic Lighting Design, Basic Sound Design, Set Design, Textile Fabrication (Hand Sewing, Machine Sewing, Drops and Drapes), Property Artistry (Molds, Sculpting, Furniture, Running, Acquisition), Basic Scene Painting, Hand Drafting, Isometric Drawing and Sketching, Building and repairing computers, Windows and Apple, AutoCAD (Build Drawings, 2D, 3D, some Inventor, some Revit, some Electrical), Vectorworks, Sketchup, Spikemark, Microsoft Office (Excel, Word, Powerpoint, OneNote, Visio, Access), Adobe (Familiar with key programs of the suite, Acrobat, Photoshop, Premiere, After Effects), Projection Engineering, Watchout Programming, Q-Lab, Isadora, Intermediate Networking, Cable Management, Budgeting, Production Planning, Health and Safety (Theatre Standards, Shop, NFPA, NEC, OSHA), Theatre Consulting and Planning (Stage Machinery, Audio/Visual, Acoustics), Sustainability, Solar Power, Plumbing, Home Improvement, CPR, First Aid, Fork Lift/Zoom Boom Operation, Genie Lift Certified, Front of House Operations, Equity Contracts, Theatre Season Planning, Company Management.....



    Music, Reading, Computers, Tools, Rock Climbing, Walking, Hiking, Driving, Learning new trades, Sustainability, Architecture, Outdoors, Camping, Boating, Soccer, Travel, Cats, Cooking, ...





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